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Composer, Performer, Sound Designer, and Audio Engineer

Music Mastering Services

Music Mastering Process
I believe the mastering process is a very important process for music finalization, however the most crucial aspect to a recording is the recording itself and then the mixing of said recording. Mastering cannot always fix a poor recording or mix. Though in the mastering process weaker aspects of the mix/recording can be remedied and improved upon, it is limited by the inherent quality of the mix/recording itself.

My mastering process involves a lot of listening to the mix itself before making decisions towards the steps that are needed in the mastering process. Sometimes not much is needed and sometimes more. I feel many mastering engineers take it on themselves to add a sonic imprint or alter/augment the mix to its general disservice, feeling as if they need to leave a “mark”. In my mind good mastering involves accentuating the mix with caution as to not devalue the mix by over processing it.

It is also my belief that “in the box” mastering is insufficient and re-recording the mix through converters leads to better sounding masters. This also allows the mastering engineer to “up sample” and down sample through live printing. In my process I use two computers, one (DAC) output into the analog chain and captured into the Main computer through various converter options. High end converters are of necessity here.

Studio Equipment and Tools

Tyler Acoustics MM6x’s Full Range Mastering Monitors
Adcom GFE-555 power amp
(Low Gauge pure copper cabling)
Adams A7x
Auratone Mixcube
SennHeiser Hd650
Sony MDR-7506
Mytek 192 ADC
Benchmark ADC1
Benchmark Dac1 x 2
(monitoring and to feed the analog chain)
Apogee Rosetta 800
UAD Apollo Quad
Analog Processing
Charter Oak PEQ-1 (Modded)
HCL Dual Mono Valve Program EQ
(Interchangeable NOS tubes)
Vintage Audio MSL VCA Compressor (Mastering Version)
HCL VARIS Vari-Mu Mastering Compressor
HCL Thermos Barry Porter Style EQ
Dav Electronics SIPP M/S and Parallel Processor
Neve 5442 Series 8 Channel Mixer
Shopping List:
Neve Portico 2 Master Buss
Audio Plug-Ins
UAD (All Plug Ins)
Fab Filter Pro-Q 2
Fab Filter Pro-L
Waves Bundles (52 plug-ins in total)
Waves WLM (Monitoring)
Hofa Meter (Monitoring)
Klangfreund LUFS Meter
Izotope Rx6 Suite (Correction)
Izotope Music Production Bundle
Bx Control V2 (for M/S)
Soundtoys Bundle
Eiosis Air EQ Premium
Izotope Insight
DAW’s and Editors
Pro Tools 12
Izotope RX6 Editor
DSP Quattro
Wave Burner
Logic Pro X
Acoustimac Bass Traps (Flown)
Acoustimac Wall Panels
ASC Tube Traps
Primacoustic Cloud x 3


Mastering Rate
I deliver a Hi-res Master(96k to 192) and a downsampled 16bit 441000 version to all my clients
50$ per song (Full album package deals available at a lower cost)
(Songs over 6 minutes add 5$ per minute)
60$ for DDP CD authoring/creation
Stem Mastering 70$ per song
File submissions
24bit recommended at the sample rate it was mix/recorded at.
Please leave 3-6 db of Headroom if possible with no mix bus limiting.
For inquiries or test masters email Daniel at Daniel@castledinemusic.com